Legislative Update

March 2021

Magic Circle RWC Legislative Report

Some updates from the 87th Legislative Session:

*  There has been some movement in bills that match our Legislative Priorities!

*  Three Election Integrity bills that have been assigned to the Elections Committee. Those bill numbers are HB 329 (Cain), HB 335, (Cain), and HB 574 (G. Bonnen).

*  There are three Religious Freedom bills assigned, HB 525 (Shaheen) to State Affairs, HJR 33 (Swanson) to Licensing and Administrative Procedures. HB 573 (Oliverson) has been assigned to Insurance.

*  Our Children and Gender Modification priority, HB 68 (Toth), has been assigned to Public Health.

*  Lastly, under Monument Protection, HB 446 (Allison) has been referred to Criminal Justice.

*  On February 25, the Texas Legislature held hearings on the Big Freeze of February 15-18 in both the House and the Senate. Some key takeaways were that Texas’ electrical generation system is built to withstand summer heat - not extreme cold. Also, freezing fog in central Texas caused ice to build up on blades.

*  The House Licensing and Administrative Procedures (LAP) Committee unanimously passed HB 1024 Wednesday, a step along the way to making permanent a temporary order that lets bars and restaurants sell mixed drinks for takeout.

*  The Senate introduced Senate Bill 12. This a measure that would empower individuals, or the Texas attorney general, to sue large social media companies for “censoring” users based on the users’ “viewpoint.” The bill would also require companies to publicly disclose content moderation practices.

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